Individual Ascension Manual for Higher Universal Man-

I have no medical or psychiatric degree of any kind. This is all information that I have gained through personal perspective, and is in no way meant to replace any doctors, psychiatrists, regimens, etc. Not sure if this disclaimer is necessary, but better safe then sorry eh?

This is an information site for the purposes of explaining what I have learned along the path to Ascended Conscious Awareness, and how to operate many functions inherent in the human brain for the purposes of Ascension. These tools and techniques are necessary for getting control of the programmed mess that is the average media soaked American mind, despite your intelligence. If you have used another series of techniques that has come to you as a process of learning yoga, martial arts, or any out of hundreds of ancient disciplines, fantastic. This may all seem an over simplification of things you learned over a lifetime of hard work. None of the concepts I am presenting here is NEW knowledge. I am even not sure it is any more “knowledge” than fiction, but it definitely works for me.  All I am seeking to do, is to put it into regular language, things that I have noticed about the functionality of reality.  I am not looking to convince anyone who is a skeptic on new ways of thought. I am instead suggesting that each one of us already has all the answers we need, and if you just bring the Mind under control, you would realize that.

Ultimately it does not matter what you believe, so long as you believe. It also does not matter if your faith is directed at a particular symbol of divinity, so long as you have faith, and it is enclosed within yourself. In other words, don’t go conjuring up a ton of faith and then casting it outside your body, that’s a waste. Everything you need is contained within yourself.

This manual is intended for people who are on the path to higher awareness to begin with.  But, even if you are just starting out, these tools can help you get the cleanup job done on your Mind so you can get your Brain working for you. I decided to compose this upon reflection that if someone had explained it all a bit better I could have achieved a “higher awareness” a long time ago. This manual represents an attempt to do just that.

In many ways, this will seem like a metaphysics or meditation manual. Meditation has really helped me to get my overactive mind quieted. It does not have to be you sitting in a yoga position chanting, “om’.  Any quiet contemplative awareness with no thinking is technically “meditation”, by the way I mean here. So until you get some of your Mind’s programs under control, meditation is useful. If you are serious about higher awareness, there are many conditions which must be met. It takes an optimistic attitude, and it takes belief in oneself. This does not mean that you must have a perfect self image and no personality dysfunction, it only means that faith and belief play a big part in visualization, imagination, and realization. As you first begin, the forces you bring to bear against the trap you find yourself in will be weak. Letting go may seem like giving up. It’s not the same though. I am asking you to do a trust fall with the universe. Before you master your emotions, and the concept of how reality can become distorted by an emotionally reactive state, you will have to learn how perspective effects reality. And this means releasing all expectations of what SHOULD happen on a moment to moment basis. With a hyper active mind there are cycling thoughts that dominate behavior. This can be remedied with a little self confidence and discipline. How long this all takes is based on you. Only you can guide yourself through this process, all I can do is work to put a bit of this stuff into perspective based on my own experiences. This path won’t make you money, but I do know from personal experience that dedication will provide its own motivation as you get real results and personal satisfaction in being the best person you can be at this moment.

Thanks for your time.


First Section- Step1 part 1 Mind vs Brain